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People become stressed as a result of various physical, mental or emotional stimuli. Stress, depression and sugary eating cause a sudden drop in blood sugar by increasing the secretion of cortisol and insulin hormones. Studies report that stress increases the insulin hormone, especially the glucocorticoid hormone, which activates the sweet sensory receptors in the tongue, and awakens the desire to eat sugar.


Stress and careless consumption of fatty foods slow down metabolism and cause many ailments, from slow metabolism, rapid weight gain, and chronic diseases to diabetes. We should pay attention to our diet so that your immune system does not weaken during the stress period.

  • We should eat regularly, not skip meals and try to be comfortable during meals.

  • We should consume foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium, magnesium, selenium and essential fatty acids.

  • Caffeine and alcohol consumption should be reduced,

  • We should eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals, reduce the consumption of animal protein, and reduce the consumption of processed foods made with white flour or added sugar, which weaken the immune system.

In times of stress, calming herbal teas also help us relax. One or two glasses of chamomile, lime, valerian, alfalfa flower teas are examples of these. Finally, a vigorous exercise that we will do for 30 minutes every day will help us to get rid of the troubles by increasing the level of chemicals that help to raise morale, such as endorphins.

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