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Erkan Yavuz (Founding Dietitian)

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Dietitian ERKAN YAVUZ  2007  He graduated from Erciyes University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, with his thesis on 'Athlete Nutrition'. After serving in Taksim German Hospital for a while, he worked in Alanya in 2009.  FormTime started to provide consultancy services by establishing a life with diet center. Dyt, who is also active in visual and written media. Erkan Yavuz regularly informs the public about nutrition with his articles published in Yeni ALANYA Newspaper and Aktüel Magazine every week/day.

Dietician Erkan Yavuz, whose priority is to gain the habit of correct and healthy eating without isolating the person from his social life,  By getting information about the health status, social life, lifestyle and nutritional habits of the individual through the programs,  nutrition program is created.  Programs prepared with this method bring stability and success in the diet.


online diet  service wherever you are in the world.  ,continuous communication  possibility  loss of motivation  in order to protect and ensure health and well-being without living  with diet programs specially prepared for you  provides consultancy services.

“Eating is a necessity, but eating wisely is an art.” Now, FORMTIME for you to be a good artist with the philosophy..

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