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1. This contract has been drawn up between FORMTİME and the new member registration (referred to as the CLIENT). This agreement determines the use of FORMTIME's website at, the services to be received through this site and the obligations of the parties regarding them. The parties declare, accept and undertake that the information written in this contract is correct. This contract begins with the completion of the membership registration process and the confirmation of the contract and its receipt by FORMTIME.



2. FORMTIME, especially diet plans that are suitable for the needs and characteristics of the CLIENTS; It is an interactive site that can be used free of charge and through web and mobile applications that provide many services to guide a healthy life, and this contract regulates the rights and obligations of both parties regarding the use of the site provided by FORMTIME to the CLIENTS.



3. Membership information is the information entered by the CLIENT at the time of becoming a member. Information is shared with other members to the extent that the CLIENT prefers. FORMTIME reserves the right to not record the account as a client or to terminate the account's activity in case of an unlawful situation, and cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise from this.



4. It is accepted that FORMTIME has entered the membership information without error, complete and correct. Otherwise, FORMTIME cannot be held responsible for any damage to be incurred by the CLIENT in case of changes in the information or changes without notification.



5. Work offers both paid and free services on this site, which is provided to the CLIENT under this contract. FORMTIME accepts and undertakes that it will not make any charges other than the request and approval of the CLIENT.



6. FORMTIME does not review, verify or take any responsibility for the content created by the CLIENT or other users before they are sent to the system. FORMTIME reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel user accounts for violating these guidelines and believing that FORMTIME is harmful to itself or any of its users.



7. Within the scope of this contract, the CLIENT is responsible for all kinds of content and comments published on the site. FORMTIME does not accept any responsibility in case of claims of compensation from third parties or institutions for damages that may arise in the event that these contents violate the copyright of any person or institution or any other legally protected right. In addition, FORMTIME cannot be held responsible in any way for the success of the advice and suggestions obtained from the experts on the site in reaching the target, the accuracy of this information or not giving the expected result, the possible health problems that may occur in the CLIENT due to the implementation of these recommendations and suggestions, and other damages that may arise.



8. FORMTIME has the right to report the information about the CLIENT to the competent authorities if it detects that the CLIENT is using the system illegally or if a determination or investigation is requested by the competent authorities. Also; In a related or similar situation, FORMTIME also has the right to freeze or terminate the membership of the relevant account.



9. After the CLIENT becomes a member of the site, personal information about his/her profile will be displayed by other CLIENT and users to the extent he/she allows.



10. CLIENT is deemed to have accepted the sharing of the content he has published on the site, and FORMTIME does not accept any responsibility in case of unauthorized use of the contents on the site by others.



11. In case of approval by the CLIENT, news, articles and similar articles hosted by FORMTİME, weight updates of the client, notifications about the goals of the client are also automatically sent via the social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that the CLIENT connects with the site. is shared. Automatic sharing approval can always be stopped by the CLIENT.



12. FORMTIME does not guarantee that by becoming a member of the site, the CLIENT will reach the targeted weight and body measurements with the information obtained on the site, or that these will be in compliance with the environmental and health conditions of the CLIENT, or that the results will be successful. As it cannot be claimed otherwise, the CLIENT accepts that he will not claim any material or moral damages in this regard.



13. FORMTIME cannot be held responsible for any material or moral damages that may arise from the CLIENT's confusion or misconception of the features and options of the paid and free services offered to the CLIENT.



14. The CLIENT is responsible for the security of the user name and access passwords created on the site. FORMTIME is not responsible for the transfer of said information to third parties and for any damages that may arise due to this. The CLIENT's right to use the said access information belongs to him/her and cannot transfer these rights and obligations to third parties or institutions.



15. Content that contains insults, threats, profanity, obscene, pornographic, encourages or inculcates illegal activities, is objectionable in cultural, ethnic and similar terms, malicious, offensive, violates the rights of third parties and institutions by the CLIENT or other members. It is prohibited to use the site in violation of the law and general moral principles, in case of its existence and in all similar ways, or for purposes such as making political or religious propaganda, and to engage in activities on the site that are contrary to the copyright rules and unfair competition rules protected within the framework of the law. In such unlawful cases, the legal and criminal liability rests only with the person who carried out the relevant action, and FORMTIME reserves the right to remove the content in question, to terminate the membership of the user without prior notice, and to share information about the users with the authorities upon the request of the legal authorities.



16. Any technical or other activity that will render the FORMTIME site inoperable, cause the services and services offered on the site to slow down significantly, or cause damage to the software and hardware is prohibited, and FORMTIME has the right to terminate the membership of the user it detects, and The responsible member undertakes to compensate for the damage that may occur due to this.



17. Intervention and reverse engineering of software codes are prohibited. Copying, using, quoting without permission is prohibited. FORMTIME has the right to terminate the membership of the user, which it detects that he has been operating in this way, and the responsible member undertakes to compensate for the damage that may occur due to this.



18. FORMTIME does its best to provide its services in an uninterrupted, error-free and safe manner. However, system maintenance, technical failures beyond its control or force majeure (power outage, infrastructure problems, natural disasters, etc.) due to disruptions in internet use and material and moral damages caused by users not taking precautions against viruses and similar malicious software on their computers, FORMTIME of the system FORMTIME is not responsible for any material, moral damage or loss of profit caused by the CLIENT and other users due to the interruption of .



19. The name, surname, e-mail and other information provided while subscribing to the FORMTIME site constitute the CLIENT's personal information, and FORMTIME considers this personal information confidential unless the CLIENT does not allow sharing throughout the site. The said information is provided in order to fulfill the obligations in this contract and other contracts, to comply with the obligations of the laws, regulations and other applicable legal rules, to duly provide information in line with the request of the authorized administrative and/or judicial authorities, to protect the rights and safety of the users. Except in cases where it is necessary to provide information, it will not be given to other institutions and organizations in any way.



20. Links and referrers are provided to internet sites managed by third parties through the FORMTIME site, and FORMTIME does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information, services and services available on these third party sites. Therefore, it is not responsible for this information, service and services. In addition, the CLIENT is obliged to protect the confidentiality of the password and account information registered in the FORMTIME system, as well as his accounts in other linked social platforms. Otherwise, FORMTIME does not accept any responsibility. FORMTIME is not responsible for the consequences that may arise in the event that the said information is captured by malicious persons as a result of attacks on the site database and used for these purposes, and in case of unlawful activities.



21. CLIENT accepts that FORMTIME allows the navigation of the site (pages visited, clicked areas, calculation tools, etc.) to be recorded automatically with the help of cookies. These data are used only for the purpose of determining the follow-up rates of different sections on the site and obtaining statistical data.



22. CLIENT has agreed in advance not to demand compensation from FORMTIME for any damage he may incur due to the use of the contractual services.



23. Message, information, text, warning and other messages can be sent to the e-mail address notified by the CLIENT during the member registration process. The CLIENT cannot claim that the said electronic messages were not received or not reached, and declares, accepts and undertakes that the said messages will be deemed to have been legally notified 1 day after they are sent.



24. If the CLIENT does not fulfill his responsibilities and commitments by violating any article of this contract or if it is determined that the information he has declared is not correct, FORMTIME has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without any warning or notice. If the CLIENT terminates his membership to the site, he is deemed to have terminated the contract.



25. FORMTIME provides content providers and web services users with the necessary communication, promotion, advertisement, etc., in a way that does not harass the personal rights of the CLIENT, as much as the personal information conveyed by the CLIENT allows to be shared. is fully authorized to use it for illegal purposes, except in cases where it is illegal.



26. FORMTIME may add, remove or make changes on new articles and/or sub-titles to this agreement, if it deems necessary. CLIENT accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that he/she is legally aware of these changes. If any article of this agreement is invalid, the other articles of the agreement continue to be valid.



27. The Laws of the Republic of Turkey and Alanya Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized and responsible for the resolution of any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this contract.

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