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Dietitian Buket ÇELİK was born on October 29, 1999 in Alanya. He completed his high school education in Alanya Hasan Colak.
He graduated from Anatolian High School. Graduated from Ankara University Nutrition and Dietetics Department in 2021.
With the thesis on "Determination of the Relationship Between Eating Behavior, Stress and Body Image in Adults"
graduated. Service at FormTime Nutrition Counseling Center since 2021


2018- Istanbul Nutrition and Dietetics Summit
Sports Nutrition
Colorful Nutrition on the Women's Journey
Sugar and Its Effect on the Brain
Clinical Approaches in Microbiota
2019- Ankara Nutrition and Dietetics Congress
Nutrition in Team Sports
Nutrition in Athletics and Individual Sports
Positive Approaches in Sports Nutrition
Supplements in Sports Nutrition
Eating Disorders
Nutrition in the Clinic
Depression and Psychobiotics
Relationship between Psychodiet Nutrition and Psychology
Athlete Nutrition Before, During and After Competition
2021- Lipozone Antioxidant School

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