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The time of menopause is determined not only by genes, but also by factors such as some health conditions, smoking, diet, and stress. Menopause is caused by a decrease in hormone levels as the number of eggs in the ovaries gradually decreases. This transitional phase can also trigger some physical and emotional problems. These problems can be overcome with simple precautions. For many women, menopause is the beginning of a period when they can focus on what interests them.


If fertility is the quality you value most, your self-confidence will suffer more during menopause. When other stressors in your life are added to this, menopause becomes a difficult period for you. Exercising during this period is one of the best ways to feel good. Regular exercise is also good for hot flashes. When supported with a healthy diet, it helps to maintain weight by increasing the metabolic rate. If we talk about nutrition during menopause, foods containing calcium, essential fatty acids, vitamins C and E help keep bones strong. Hot flashes and night sweats are less common in women who eat foods made from soy products such as tofu, soy flour, and soybeans. Foods rich in essential fatty acids are necessary for hormone production and the health of the skin and nerves. It is important to consume nuts, whole grains and foods such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines. If you have a problem such as hot flashes, cut down on hot drinks, especially tea and coffee, and stay away from spicy foods and alcohol. Replace your coffee or tea with decaffeinated coffee and tea over time. Drinking non-caffeinated drinks suddenly after caffeinated drinks can cause a headache.



Finally, the menopause period is the beginning of a new period for many women. You can enjoy your life by discarding certain responsibilities and acquiring new pleasures.

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