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Summer has arrived!!

It's time to give a summer preparation detox;
This post concerns both those who will go on vacation and those who are on vacation. Those who meet their liquid needs with carbonated or sugary cocktail drinks such as cola; this time, how about giving up your habits and drinking a fruit and vegetable cocktail?


🍹2 kiwis
🍹1 orange
🍹1 tsp chia seeds
🍹1 tsp flaxseed
🍹1 handful of spinach
🍹 (If the consistency is thick, you can add 1/2 sb kefir and a little water)


summer detox🍭
Morning: 1 egg, 1 slice of cheese (50gr), half avocado, cucumber-greens, 2 walnuts
Lunch: Fruit-vegetable cocktail in the recipe🍹
Afternoon:2 crackers+1 slice of cheese or 1 glass of kefir\ayran +1 porridge. fruit
Dinner: Vegetable meal with olive oil + 1 bowl of yogurt
Night: Herbal tea/ Mineral water with lemon

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