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With the arrival of the winter months, the incidence of flu epidemics, colds and infectious diseases increases. You can strengthen your immune system with adequate and balanced nutrition to protect yourself from these diseases.


During the day, nutrition should be diversified with menus consisting of cereals, milk and meat group, oil and oil seeds, vegetables and fruits of different colors.


Long-term hunger should be avoided and meals should not be skipped. The most important meal is breakfast. Breakfast increases your body's defense power and people who have breakfast start the day more vigorously. Good protein-containing foods such as milk, eggs or cheese should be consumed for breakfast.


Consumption of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals is very important for the immune system. Rich in antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins A and C; In addition to vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, zucchini, parsley, cauliflower, cabbage, fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, apples, pomegranates should be preferred. The edible skins of vegetables and fruits should not be peeled, if they need to be peeled, they should be peeled as thinly as possible. It is especially found in its outer leaves or bark. Some vitamins, such as vitamins B and C, lose their vitamins with heat. Therefore, vegetables should be cooked in a short time so that their vitality is preserved and boiled water should not be spilled. Vitamin E is also effective in strengthening the immune system. With its antioxidant feature, it protects cells against oxidation. .Green leafy vegetables, oil seeds such as hazelnuts and walnuts and vegetable oils are foods rich in vitamin E. A handful of oily seeds such as hazelnuts and walnuts should be eaten daily.


Fish should be consumed at least 2 days a week. Nutrients such as omega 3, protein, selenium and zinc in fish contribute to the strengthening of your immune system.

It is important to take enough fluids into your body. Liquid foods help to remove toxins from the body and work regularly. Therefore, at least 8 glasses of water a day, as well as liquids such as milk, buttermilk, kefir, mineral water, herbal teas and soup should be used during the day. .


In addition, herbal teas; They are effective in preventing flu and colds, in getting over it faster or in alleviating the symptoms. Especially linden, sage, echinacea, licorice root, ginger, rosehip and nettle teas can be used.

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