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I hear this question very often in my daily life and from my clients. I frequently encounter questions such as how can I make my hips thinner, how can I melt my belly. Because some people have fat in the abdomen and some people have fat in the hip area.

On the Internet, on television, on social media, similar hip thinner-dissolving belly fat; There are many inaccurate information such as detox recipes, tea recipes.


First of all, every person has genetic codes from his family. Regional adiposity depends on genetic factors. Therefore, regional adiposity varies from person to person according to the genes in the person's family.


There are two types of lubrication, which we call apple type lubrication and pear type lubrication. It is the lubrication seen around the abdomen and waist. The type of lubrication we call pear, which is generally seen in women, is the lubrication seen in the hips and legs.


Because apple-type fat is around the abdomen and waist, it increases risk factors such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, fatty liver and diabetes. To reduce these risks, we call simple carbohydrates; Instead of choosing foods such as white bread, products made from white flour, carbohydrates with high sugar content such as rice-potatoes, fried foods, ready-made drinks, pastries, you can prefer foods such as whole grain foods, bulgur, oats. In addition, consumption of 2 cups of green tea a day also helps you get rid of regional fat. However, no food alone makes you lose weight, and no food alone makes you gain weight.


It is not possible to lose weight regionally by just dieting, paying attention to what you eat and applying different recipes. The fat in the body starts to go away while dieting and when you start to lose weight while dieting, more fat will be lost from that region. You cannot maintain the balance. For this, you have to lose weight with diet and recuperate your body by doing regional exercises with sports.


Do not forget that under the name of regional slimming, no diet alone has an effect. If you make a balanced diet, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water a lifestyle, you can get rid of your regional complaints.

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