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The blood type diet is one of the popular diets today. It is also defined as "nutrition specific to the genetics of the individual". According to this diet, the content of the blood type diet of the individual and how individuals will react to different foods and stress sources according to their blood types are determined.

The thought in the formation of nutrition according to blood groups; It is advocated that the components (mostly lectins) in the nutrients taken into the body affect the blood positively or negatively and a diet should be created accordingly. According to this idea, while the beneficial components in the blood increase the blood flow rate, the harmful components slow it down. However, harmful components can be carried to the organs through the blood and cause diseases. Therefore, it is believed that this diet should be followed for a healthy diet.

How is nutrition applied according to blood groups?

According to this diet, a special diet has been developed for each blood group. Beneficial and harmful nutrients are listed for each blood type.

Recommendations for A blood group individuals: It is said that individuals with A blood group are more prone to agricultural foods and are better at consuming carbohydrates. It is stated that they have difficulty in consuming protein and fats of animal origin. A gluten-free diet should be preferred, mainly based on vegetables, fruits and legumes. Vegan diet can be applied. It will be useful to consume vegetable oil and seeds and organic foods. Harmful foods are; other meat and meat products, except chicken and turkey, milk, ice cream, butter, roasted nuts.

Recommendations for B blood group individuals: It is stated that individuals with B blood group have tolerance to many foods. Red meat, fruits, vegetables, milk can be consumed. Green tea and mineral water can be preferred. Foods to be avoided; chicken meat, lentils, chickpeas, corn, gluten products.

Recommendations for AB blood group individuals: Individuals with AB blood group can generally consume the foods consumed by A and B groups. Greengrocery,  they can consume fish, meat, dairy products, legumes and grains. Consuming large amounts of red meat and grains should be avoided. All fruits except pomegranate can be consumed. Limit your corn and bean consumption. Eat little and often.

Recommendations for individuals with 0 blood type: It has been claimed that individuals with 0 blood group can be fed rich in meat, fish and other animal foods. Contrary to group A, it was stated that grain foods and grain vegetables should be avoided. A low-carb, high-protein diet can be preferred. Peanuts, legumes and beans should be avoided. 3 meals a day are ideal for people with this blood group. Avoid black tea and coffee.

In many sources about blood group diet, it is explained that blood groups have nothing to do with losing weight, and the diet is inadequate and unsupported in many points. In addition, it is noteworthy that the applicability of the diet in general is difficult. Nutrition of individuals in the form of a diet according to blood groups should not be restricted or generalized. People with the same blood group in the world have different lifestyles and places of residence. For such reasons, their nutrition also differs and the diet is personal.


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