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Edema; It is the accumulation of fluid in the body. It can occur due to many reasons.  Sometimes it occurs as a result of a disease, and sometimes it may occur without the result of an unknown disease.  Symptoms; It is seen as painless swellings on the face, hands, feet or abdomen, your ring may not fit on your finger, your shoes may be narrow, your lips may feel like silicone. 

Edema can also be a symptom of serious diseases. These diseases; kidney diseases, liver diseases, heart diseases, hormonal diseases, edema of unknown cause (idiopathic)
  may be symptoms of thyroid diseases, vascular occlusions, hypertension. These diseases should be investigated in people with edema.
In some cases, a disease causing edema cannot be detected. This condition is called idiopathic (unknown cause) edema. The reason is not clear, but psychological tension, excess weight, inactivity, carbohydrate consumption, menstruation and pregnancy period,
  Edema can also occur when drugs used, salt and salty foods, fast food and fast food are consumed frequently, and when there are stressful days.

How should it be fed to prevent edema?
* Daily water intake should be increased and adequate amount of water should be drunk.

*High sodium consumption increases fluid retention. Therefore, salt and salty foods should be limited. Rich in potassium because sodium and potassium work inversely with each other in our body.  foods should be preferred.

* Prepared sauces and foods should be avoided.

* Antioxidants such as tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, lemons, etc. reduce edema. Dandelion, shelled pear, parsley, cucumber, apple, grape, pumpkin, orange, whole grain products, green leafy vegetables, tea made with cinnamon and cloves, cherry stem edema while helping to throw; Salty foods such as brine and pickles, alcohol, cola, caffeine, chocolate, sugar, soy sauce, consumption of excess protein and dairy products, foods containing licorice increase edema.
* If you are not at your ideal weight and you have excess weight, extra pressure builds up on the veins. This may cause slowing of circulation and ultimately deterioration of the fluid balance in the body.
* Regular activity helps in balancing the hormones, increasing water loss with sweat and removing edema from the body. Therefore, regular exercise helps to eliminate edema.

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