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Birth is the biggest change in a woman's life. Starting this change with nutrition in the first place, expectant mother  and for the baby  is the most correct. From the first moment you start experiencing the miracle, especially close  with the incentives of your environment  You may think that you have the right to eat anything. But you are wrong..!


Balanced and regular diet during pregnancy is healthy  expelling to give birth to a baby  most needed  is an important step. Baby depends on your diet throughout your pregnancy  as it develops. Adequate and regular intake of essential nutrients  first  is essential.  Consuming adequate and balanced meals from meat, milk, fruit, vegetable, cereal and bread food groups is the easiest and most effortless way to meet your increased nutritional needs during pregnancy.  Sugar and fat  amount  foods high in nutrients  They are low in properties and high in calories and have benefits for you and your baby.  there is none.

In normal pregnancy, a maximum of 14 kg and a minimum of 7 kg are taken. Concern that the baby is not getting enough nutrition  and the baby's needs are more important than their own health.  maximum limit for expectant mothers who think that it is important  never exceed  difficulty  they don't pull. However, they cannot think that their own health is also at risk by not eating properly, balanced and adequately during pregnancy. For your baby and your health  “absolutely and never”  Let's take a look at them together;




  • Rich in protein; low fat  milk and milk  products, lean meat, chicken, fish,eggs.

  • rich in vitamin A; cheese, egg, orange, dark green leafy  vegetables, apricots, tomatoes

  • Rich in Vitamin C; Citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli, kiwi, rose hips and potatoes

  • Rich in vitamin B2;  , wheat ears, green vegetables, carrots, artichokes, hazelnuts, peanuts  and plant foods such as lentils.

  • Rich in vitamin B1; grain  products, bran, brewer's yeast, vegetables.

  • rich in folate; green leafy  vegetables,  broad beans, green fiber vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, and grains.

  • Rich in beta carotene; dark green and yellow  vegetables and fruits.*They should get an extra 200-300 calories per day.

  • This ; Drinking 10 glasses of water a day increases the risk of urinary tract infections and weight gain during pregnancy.  reduces.

  • calcium ; Milk, yoghurt, cheese, molasses, nuts, legumes and leafy greens  Vegetables are rich sources of calcium.

  • Zinc ;Red  meat, sea  products, milk, yoghurt and derivatives, eggs and fatty  seeds must be consumed in the CORRECT AMOUNT.

  • NEVER ;

  • Alcohol ;  Baby  Since it is a substance that can create developmental defects on it and  It should not be used during pregnancy, since the lower limit of the daily dose that creates  It is a necessary item.

  • Cigaret; his appetite, apart from all the damage he's done  It also contains cutting agents.  Smoking and smoking places that contain poison should be completely avoided.

  • Excess salt consumption;  known as pregnancy poisoning, the name of pregnancy toxemia  prepares the ground for the given disease.


  • unpasteurized  foods;  especially moldy  and unpasteurized  You should stay away from cheese.

  • Some  sea  products; During this period, such as mussels, oysters, shrimps  raw  and undercooked  shellfish  products should not be consumed.  because  crocus  products can cause poisoning.

  • Caffeinated beverages;  You should consume tea, coffee and caffeinated beverages, but not too much.  because  High levels of caffeine can cause premature birth and miscarriage.  Tea, on the other hand, reduces the body's absorption of iron. This leads to anemia.

  • Uncooked  or undercooked  Consumption of eggs and meat should be avoided.

  • Conclusion  aspect; During pregnancy, it is not right to eat too much and unbalanced so that the baby can feed well.  such as postpartum  It is not right to eat less in order to reach the old look easily. What you can give after love to your baby and yourself  best gift healthy  one  is life..

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